Editorial Policy

Our text status website is dedicated to offering a space for unrestricted expression and creativity while upholding a welcoming environment for all visitors.

We support diversity and inclusivity, thus any sort of hate speech, discrimination, or harassment on our website will not be tolerated.

All status updates are regulated, and our staff has the right to delete any information that disobeys our editorial guidelines. Included in this are offensive, false, or activity-promoting materials.

We also work hard to keep the status updates that are published on our website at a high standard of quality. Although we value originality and innovation, we reserve the right to remove any status updates that do not adhere to our rules for grammar, spelling, and coherence.

Our editorial policy is intended to guarantee that our website continues to be a reliable source of high-quality material, and we strongly advise all users to follow by these rules in order to maintain a respectful and safe community.